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Jill Luna

Client Reporting Specialist

My name is Jill Luna, and I am the Client Reporting Specialist at Telarray. I joined the firm in 2007 after having worked in accounting as the Assistant to the VP of Finance at Belz Enterprises. I grew up in Memphis and currently live in Bartlett with my husband and three children.

My daily duties include reconciling accounts, verifying transactions, creating accounts in our digital systems, creating your customized client portals, and keeping our records up to date. I mail monthly reports and invoices. Also, if you forget your password, I am the person you call for assistance!

Our team practices disaster recovery exercises annually, and I can say that we have adapted to the COVID-19 outbreak without issue. Much of this success is a result of changes the firm has made over the last few years by adopting technology that allows us to operate remotely. Thankfully, my biggest challenge throughout this transition has been taking over my husband’s office and making sure my kids are quiet during teleconferences. I am very grateful to be able to maintain the standard of service to which you are accustomed, and I look forward to serving you for years to come.


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