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Heather Gillespie

Client Services Specialist

My name is Heather Gillespie, and I am a Client Services Specialist at Telarray. I joined the firm in 2017 after graduating from the University of Memphis with a BBA in Accounting. I grew up in Memphis, and I currently reside in Midtown with my husband and children. 

My daily duties include preparing and submitting documents, implementing and monitoring monetary movement requests, advisor support, and preparing the Observatory for your initial and annual meetings. I also act as a liaison between you, Charles Schwab, and Telarray to ensure your financial goals are properly managed.

As you know, our team has been working remotely from our homes, and have operated seamlessly to safeguard an uninterrupted level of service for you. This experience has helped me to sharpen my skills, and I am proud of my team for rising to the occasion. 

I look forward to advancing my career at Telarray by attaining both the Series 65 certification and the Certified Financial Planner certification, which will allow me to practice financial and estate planning as well as tax and retirement planning. I am honored to serve you and to have the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful organization.  


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