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Annette Guzman

Client Reporting Intern

My name is Anette Guzman, and I am the client reporting intern at Telarray. I joined the team in December of 2019 for my very first internship experience. I will be a junior at the University of Memphis in the fall, majoring in accounting.

I am originally from Mexico City. My parents relocated to Memphis when I was six years old. When I came here, I did not know how to speak English, but I quickly became fluent at Wells Station Elementary, where I went to grade school. I went on to attend St. Louis School and St. Agnes Academy, from which I graduated in 2017. Before going to college, I took a gap year and had my daughter, Sara, who is now two years old.

My daily roles at Telarray include reconciling the trades initiated by our trading department. I also verify any client-initiated trades, retirement account activity, and dividend reinvestments. My job also includes verifying that the money moved by our client services team is accurate and documented in our cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system.

I feel very lucky that Telarray has given me the opportunity to continue my internship remotely during the coronavirus pandemic because many of my peers were not able to do so. Although this time period has been challenging since my classes also shifted to an online format, I have been able to do my job thanks to the technology we have in place. Communication with my team has been one of the most important factors in the success of my daily routine, and I want to thank them for facilitating our communication and ensuring that I am equipped to handle any challenges.

I look forward to serving you and continuing to make my contribution to your financial plan. 


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