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Madeline Welch

Client Reporting Intern

My name is Madeline Welch, and I joined Telarray in early August as a Client Reporting Intern. I am a senior accounting major at the University of Memphis, graduating in December. YAY!

At Telarray, my role is to reconcile the trades initiated by the trading department. I also verify any client-initiated trades, retirement account activity, and dividend reinvestments as well as verification that the money that has been moved by our client services team is accurate and documented in our systems.

My last internship ended as the result of the global pandemic that we are all facing, and I feel fortunate that Telarray has given me the amazing opportunity to work remotely and grow my accounting experience. My team has made communicating online an essential part of our daily routine, and this has helped me feel confident and prepared to offer excellent service to you.

I live near the University of Memphis with a group of friends that I met last year through school. I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends, watching football, and going to the gym. I am currently training for my first powerlifting meet and love the process of getting stronger mentally and physically.

I enjoy working here at Telarray and am excited about learning and challenging myself more within the firm. I am grateful to be on the Client Reporting team and to contribute to executing your financial plan. 


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