A Conversation with Chelsea Sloan

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How did you get into financial planning and investing?

Am I allowed to say that it was luck? I worked in healthcare for my whole career until 2017, when I realized that I was ready for a change. I left the job where I had been for a decade and started my own professional organizing business, specializing in creating sustainable systems that empowered my clients to identify their challenges and make the most of their time at home or work.

During this time, my husband and I sold our house and lived with family short-term while looking for our next home. Although I am grateful for those months, I also realized that running a business from home with relatives around could be challenging. (If I only knew!) In the spring of 2018, I began looking for work outside of my organizing business. That’s when I found Telarray, and it has been a great fit from day one. 

What is your greatest career success?

One of my greatest successes has been providing our clients with helpful, relevant content in our communications at Telarray. I work with our team of experts to be informative, but I also want to let our clients know a little about what is happening behind the scenes. Providing a platform for our staff to introduce themselves and tell their stories to clients has been fulfilling, and I am proud to be a part of this team. 

What has been the most significant learning experience in your career?

Like many of us, the last year has been the most significant learning experience of my life, both professionally and personally. Along with everyone on the team at Telarray, I learned to navigate an entirely new way of doing business. Together, thanks to the technology we had in place, we adapted and found ways to offer seamless service to our clients. We all learned to communicate with each other using digital platforms, but for me, it will never replace our office’s daily hustle and bustle, which I love. 

When people you have worked with talk about you, what do they say?

I think that people say that I am compassionate, dependable, and service-oriented. I hope that people see me as a supportive teammate who is enthusiastic about setting goals and learning new things. 


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