A Conversation with Jill Luna

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How did you get into financial planning and investing?

I started working at Belz Enterprises in 1998 eventually became the Executive Assistant for the VP of Finance. That was when I discovered my interest in the financial world. As I learned more about my work, I realized that it was like solving a puzzle, and I enjoyed that part. When my boss at Belz left the company in 2008, he referred me to Rob Dingler and Melinda Gunn at what was then known as FSG Investment Management. I have been with the firm, now Telarray, ever since. 

What is your greatest career success?

I consider my experiences teaching new employees and interns about reporting at Telarray as well as my daily interactions helping clients to be my greatest career successes. 

What has been the most significant learning experience in your career?

In 2016, the firm changed portfolio management systems from Schwab Portfolio Management to Tamarac. First, Melinda and I went to Seattle and took an intensive course on the new system. When we returned, we created and implemented the new system from the ground up. 

When people you have worked with talk about you, what do they say?

I hope people say that I am kind and dependable and that making sure clients have the best experience possible is my priority.


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