10 Common Financial Misconceptions Preview

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We hope you can join us for next week’s webinar about ten common financial misconceptions.  Like many aphorisms, there is a kernel of truth to some of these, but each can potentially have devastating consequences to your long term financial trajectory if followed unchecked.  We will discuss:

  • Cash is king
  • Gold is a superior inflation hedge/investment
  • Stocks are too volatile, real estate/individual bonds/passive income/privates are better
  • Bonds are doomed, I don’t want them in my portfolio
  • The market is overdue for a crash, I need to play it safe until uncertainty subsides
  • Elections are coming, markets are hopeless if incumbents stay/get kicked out
  • I’m too young to save for retirement
  • I would be happier if I just made more income/had more portfolio assets
  • I use my credit card for the points, but I pay it off every month
  • I am too young/poor/single to need estate planning

Register here, and please share the link with anyone else you think might benefit.  If you would like to attend but the time doesn’t work, register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recording.


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