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Your financial life is complicated. Maybe you have a unique executive compensation package. Complex tax management needs. A family estate or business that you would like to pass to the next generation. Or, you may already be retired and have cash management needs to fund your lifestyle as efficiently as possible to ensure your existing portfolio can go the distance. Mostly, you want to be sure your hard work will lead to a secure financial future for you and the people you love.

We can help.

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Experience. Excellence. Expertise.

Our only goal: Your financial success, on your terms.

At Telarray, we serve investors through all phases of their financial life, from individuals just beginning their journey to those who are ready to live off of the proceeds of their portfolio. In addition, we have decades of experience with the specialized needs of senior executives at publicly traded companies, successful entrepreneurs, and families with complex financial planning needs. Using the Observatory, our time-tested, proprietary planning tool, we turn your specific financial needs into a working strategy, then put that plan into action.

We began as a tax advisory firm, so handling complex financial situations is in in our DNA. Our Advisors are experts; the people who support them are, too.

Our name – Telarray – is based on the Greek prefix “tel-,” meaning far away, and “array,” which is the wide range of tools we use to build a custom financial plan that will last well into your future.

Together, we’ll create a clear path to financial success.

Your Financial Future In Focus

At Telarray, our clients come to us to solve problems, make plans and lower risk. We love to share our expertise – with our clients and with the community. Especially if you have a unique financial situation, we can find a solution that fits your needs.


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A Financial Plan to Last a Lifetime


The foundation of Telarray’s service to our clients is the Observatory process, a proprietary toolset based on history and analysis that allows us to help you to see your financial goals and the impact of various decisions on your financial future. We update your Observatory planning at least once a year, more frequently if you request it. Wondering how Observatory could work for you? Potential clients get a preliminary Observatory session for free.


As fiduciaries, we are different from other firms because we put your financial best interest ahead of our own. We will never push unnecessary products or services on you that don’t help you achieve your goals; we don’t sell insurance, for example. We believe deeply that we can’t be successful unless our clients are successful, and we make all of our recommendations with that foundational philosophy in mind. Ask around: Our fee-only approach is unusual, but we believe it’s so much better for you.

Professional Coordination

Do you work with other professionals? These could be accountants, insurance agents, or attorneys. We specialize in coordinating with these professionals to give you a global perspective of your financial life. We can also help you find potential gaps or issues that aren’t covered and be sure they don’t hurt you in the long run.


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