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Chelsea Sloan

Manager of Client Experience

My name is Chelsea Sloan, and I am the Manager of Client Experience at Telarray. After years of team leadership in the field of healthcare, I joined the firm in 2018. I am a native Memphian, and I live in East Memphis with my husband and two beloved dogs, Penny and Lefty.

Ensuring that your Telarray meetings are set is a daily priority for me, and you have likely seen my name in emails about scheduling your Observatory Updates, or when making plans to coordinate Estate Planning. I also manage and facilitate client communications, including our blog, customer satisfaction survey, and the Weekly Wire emails you have been receiving since the beginning of the pandemic. With the help of our knowledgeable and informed staff, along with technology that enables clear communication, we are proud to have been able to produce more frequent content for you as we navigate our current environment.

My role as Manager of Client Experience allows me to make sure that at every opportunity, Telarray supports Memphis. From holiday giving to company events, we strive to support local businesses and give back to our community.

I am grateful for this work and excited to continue making my contribution to your experience at Telarray. 


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