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Brandy Wagner

Director of Client Services

My name is Brandy Wagner, and I am the Director of Client Services at Telarray. I joined the firm in 2007 as a Client Services Representative and in 2014 I transitioned to lead the newly created Client Services Department at Telarray.

In addition to my work for Telarray, I am currently attending the University of Memphis Global. I am pursuing a degree in management so that I can further my knowledge of leadership and continue to contribute to the firm’s growth.  I live in Somerville, Tennessee, with my husband, Rob. I have two dogs, a German Shepherd named Luke and a Yellow Lab named Dixie. When I am not working or attending classes, I enjoy cooking and traveling with my husband, gardening, and biking. 

During this uncertain time, the Client Services Department is working from home and continues to be available for mailings, in-person meetings, and anything else that simply cannot be accomplished online.  

Our number one focus is your satisfaction. The pandemic has changed the way we physically do business for the time being, but it has not changed our commitment to you. 


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