A Conversation with Mike Shaul

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How did you get into financial planning and investing?

I first worked as a tax accountant intern during college for FSG (Chalmers & Poole) in 2014. A few months after graduation in early 2015, Melinda Gunn, VP of Client Reporting, offered me a job as a Client Reporting Representative in her department at Telarray (which was FSG Investment Management at the time). It did not take long for me to realize my new role was a much better fit and career path than tax accounting. Since then, I have become a Financial Advisor, and am continuing to work and grow in that role. 

What is your greatest career success?

My greatest career success was passing the Series 65 Investment Advisor exam and completing the Certified Financial Planner education courses. Also, after gaining lots of experience preparing Observatory models for Telarray client meetings, I have been able to teach others who want to be Advisors about the process.

What has been the most significant learning experience in your career?

My career’s most significant learning experience revolves around our proprietary financial planning tool, the Observatory, and my coworkers who have provided guidance and support. First, I learned how the Observatory model works as well as how and why an Advisor uses it during client meetings. It was a tremendous advantage for me to attend client meetings as the second chair before running sessions myself.  

When people you have worked with talk about you, what do they say?

I hope they say I am hardworking, reliable, and someone who can meet deadlines. Also, I hope they say I am always willing to assist clients with questions or a more in-depth explanation of a financial issue. 


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