Contributions Count: Boring, Consistent, Long-Term Performance is What Matters

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Warren Buffett is known as one of the great investors of all time. At the end of 2020, his 55-year record at Berkshire Hathaway was an annualized 20 percent return per year exactly.

Redditors chasing after crypto and meme stock returns might scoff at 20 percent a year — or 1.53 percent a month — but they’re wrong to laugh. Anyone can earn 1.5 percent or even 100 percent in a good month, but consistently solid returns over years and decades without big drawdowns is the real magic that identifies world-class investing.

I once attended an evening golf workshop where I struggled on the fairway with about 10 other students. The instructor correctly sensed we weren’t PGA tour material and said something I’ll never forget: “I hereby grant each of you lifetime permission to pick your ball up off the fairway and put a tee under it, now and forever.” 

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