Behind the Scenes: Meet the Investment Department

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As our valued client, you know your Advisor well, but at Telarray we have many skilled professionals who work behind the scenes, helping build your financial future.

Today you’ll meet the Investment Department, which includes Chief Investment Officer Gene Gard, Senior Investment Associate Sahil Sury, and Investment Associate Jerome Lindsey. The interview below was condensed from a conversation with Sahil and Jerome and vetted by Gene.

What does your department do?

The Investment Department – which we used to call Trading, though we do much more than that – executes the firm’s investment strategies on every level. Our day-to-day work varies, but we rebalance your portfolio based on specific risk tolerances and asset allocations, we raise cash for you when you need it and reinvest when you don’t, all while thinking about our larger strategies to boost your financial performance. We check in on strategy and special projects with each other at least twice a week, and meet monthly with the firm’s Investment Committee to monitor current events and consider long-term strategic portfolio topics and potential changes.

How did the pandemic reshape your work?

In March and April of 2020, everything changed daily, so the pace of our work was crazy. We know the Telarray investment strategy will withstand major change, though, so we focused on communicating with the Advisors so they could communicate with you. We know that growing wealth is a long-term decision; it’s stressful to watch the markets all the time. That’s why we do it,so you can trust the process we’ve set up.

What do you read/watch to stay abreast of trends?

We review Bloomberg, CNBC, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal—all the typical outlets.  We are always wary of making financial decisions based on the news. We also follow specialized resources and sector leaders as well as the funds we use.  Increasingly we look to gather primary research and data on our own to avoid filtering our facts through the reductive and often myopic news cycle.

What would your clients be surprised to know about your department?

You might be surprised at how much communication goes into our work. We talk with the Advisors all day every day, as well as the firm’s Investment Committee and the funds we work with. We work with Vice President of Technology Mike Cochran to leverage technology that makes our work more efficient and accurate. We don’t make big changes to our portfolios frequently, but we stay busy. The investment process here is very dynamic.

What’s on the horizon for your department?

We never stop learning: We do research after the markets close, looking for new information, and both Sahil and Jerome are working on their next level financial certifications. We want to be even more of a resource for you and hope over time have a larger role directly with our Telarray investors.


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