Behind the Scenes: Meet the Department of Client and Employee Experience

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As our valued client, you know your Advisor well, but at Telarray, we have many skilled professionals who work behind the scenes, helping build your financial future.

Today you’ll meet Chelsea Sloan, Telarray’s Manager of Client and Employee Experience.

What does your department do?

My work falls into two categories. I coordinate client meetings with our Advisors and outside professionals and lead the communications efforts at the firm, including our newsletters and the firm’s website. Earlier this year, we upgraded the website so that it’s a hub of information for our clients, and I’m excited about how robust our blog is, as well as the online seminars we offer.

In addition, I have worked with Amy Alexander, our Controller and Assistant Compliance Officer, this year to choose a system to manage all of our human resources tasks, from time off and benefits to those features that help grow and develop our people, so we can continuously improve and offer the best service to our clients as well-rounded professionals. My focus is on the culture of our organization and the development of all the people at Telarray.

How did the pandemic reshape your work?

The technology at the firm gave me the resources I needed to adapt pretty seamlessly to working from home. Telarray had the same focus during the pandemic that we always do, which is to offer the highest caliber of service to our clients. The part that I found most challenging was not being together in person with my colleagues every day.

What would your clients be surprised to know about your department?

In terms of our client communications, I’m particularly proud of the community page on our new website. It’s not something we usually talk about in the course of our planning discussion with clients, but we are a Memphis-based company, and those connections to our community are important.

With our new HR system, I think our clients might be surprised to know the level of focus we have on making sure every employee at Telarray has everything they need to do their best work. From professional certifications or courses to refining leadership or technical skills, we want to be sure Telarray gives people the opportunity to grow where they are and into what they want to be. We’ve never had a system like this, so it’s been at the forefront of the decision-making process to find something that works for who we are as an organization and who we want to be in the future.

What’s on the horizon for your department?

We are ahead of schedule in implementing our new HR systems, but we plan to keep pushing forward with our processes and continue learning together.

In communications, we have lots of ideas going into the new year, but we always want to hear from our clients about topics they would like us to discuss or ways that we can offer education that will help them on their path to a secure financial future.


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